About Us

Who We Are

Saakh Pharma is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing company within the Saakh Group. It is the flagship company. The group has further investments in a drug formulation company and a nutraceuticals manufacturing company. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located at the Port Qasim Industrial Zone in Karachi.

Mission Statement

We believe in originating value through grander chemical products and operate as a reliable firm, by building trust and respect among our customers, employees and other stakeholders using modern technology and sustainable process in consonance with the environment. 

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Vision Statement

Saakh aims at exceeding the supposition of their business partners by manufacturing according to regulatory authorities’ requirements.


Saakh Pharma, a Karachi chemical industry, consists of team of professionals who track company’s performance, making sure that the investment is spent efficiently. The company relies mostly on their team of experts who dedicate their time and efforts towards the growth for our manufacturing and distribution. Therefore, we are committed in training and developing people to establish quality into every stage of processing. This has assisted us in generating higher sales compare to our direct competitors
To support our on-going safety improvements, we utilize our internal auditing team, which aids us to set challenging targets in the area of safety, to promote secured working procedures based upon thorough and detailed risk assessments. Saakh Pharma strives to advance in public understanding and are solely responsible for a range of diverse activities that provides framework for building strong support and lasting relationships.
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Our company consists of different departments that work towards manufacturing our API products:
  • Quality Control (Chemical & Microbiological) Laboratory.
  • Dedicated & Separate Penicillin Production Building.
  • Dedicated & Separate Cephalosporin Production Building.
  • Chemical Solvent Storage Room.
  • Maintenance Work Shop.
  • K-Electric Sub Station area.
  • Utility area for Water treatment, Boiler, Chiller, Standby Generator.